Driveway Paving Atlanta GA

Atlanta Family Paving provides exceptional driveway paving resurfacing services in Atlanta, GA. As a team of licensed, insured and bonded paving professionals, we focus on delivering the highest quality results no matter what your driveway needs are.  

Professional Driveway Resurfacing 

Do you suspect that your driveway could use resurfacing? One of the first steps we take as asphalt contractors is to perform a visual inspection. Through that inspection, we determine if your asphalt driveway looks worn, has crumbling asphalt pieces, or if it is beginning to form potholes. If we detect any of these signs, then we recommend resurfacing.  


Asphalt overlaying is a process of adding a new layer asphalt over top a crumbling or deteriorating surface. Instead of tearing up old asphalt we utilize the existing asphalt and then apply a new layer. This gives your driveway stability and a nice finished result.   

Asphalt Repairs 

Notice cracking and potholes in your asphalt driveway? If so, asphalt repairs may be necessary. Our team of experienced and professional asphalt contractors analyze your driveway’s asphalt to see where repairs may be required.  


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Milling is a process of tearing up the asphalt currently on your driveway. This is done to repair the damage on your driveway. Our goal is to provide asphalt milling services that you can relate to.  

As your team of professional team of driveway paving contractors in Atlanta, GA, we get your driveway back in good condition. From driveway repairs that are minor in nature to those that require more attention and work, our crew does it all. Give us a call for a free estimate for all your driveway repair needs.  

Driveway Crack Sealing and Repairs 

As your go-to driveway repair contractors in Atlanta, we take care to seal every crack and to repair every bit of damage on your driveway. Protecting your driveway is our number one goal. Choose us for all your driveway crack sealing and repair services.  

Pothole Repairs 

When your asphalt has massive potholes, it can cause serious damage to your vehicle and to your guest’s vehicles. Our team of experienced and top rated driveway paving professionals will quickly repair your potholes.  

Bump Repair 

Noticing bumps in your driveway’s asphalt? If so, it could mean it is time to call Asphalt Paving Pros. Don’t let bumps cause issues for your vehicles. Instead, turn to top rated and reviewed paving contractors in Atlanta to fix them for you.  

Parking Lot Deterioration 

Parking lot deterioration is a normal process however it is one that you should pay attention to. If you catch it quick enough, you can reduce the price to repair it. Contact us to get your free parking lot repair estimate.  

Driveway Contractor Services in Atlanta 

Driveway Repair 

We specialize in driveway repair services in Atlanta. Turn to us for high quality, speedy, driveway repair services in Atlanta, GA.  


Sealcoating protects your driveway from premature aging and damage. Choose our team of experts to properly sealcoat your driveway in Atlanta. 

Resurfacing Services 

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Resurfacing is often a necessary part of maintenance for your driveway or parking lot. The good news is, you can choose us to be your contractors “near me” in Atlanta, GA.  We specialize in resurfacing, milling, repairs, sealcoating, and much more.  

When you’re ready to hire a team of experienced, high quality, and affordable asphalt contractors in Atlanta, GA, it’s time to give us a call. Get your free paving estimate today by contacting our team.