Driveway Repair Atlanta GA

If your driveway has spider cracking, potholes, sunken areas or just looks bad, we can make it “like new” again. Sometimes you may only need a sealcoat, sometimes you may need a bit more repair work. We can meet  you on site and give you our expert advice and answer any questions you have (and the appointment is free).

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At Atlanta Paving Pros, we provide top rated driveway repairs and sealcoating services in Atlanta, GA. As your go-to paving contractor, we provide affordable commercial and residential driveway repairs and sealcoating services. Choose us to repair any damage your driveway has.  

Commercial & Residential Driveway Repairs


Potholes can cause serious damage to vehicles. The impact of hitting uneven ground can lead to expensive repairs. However, our pothole driveway repairs ensure that your driveway is always in the best condition possible.  


Cracking can be a sign of an underlying asphalt problem. We look at the foundation of your driveway to see where cracks may be showing up and not only fill them but examine your asphalt further to ensure a deeper issue might be the problem.  

Damage Repair 

When you notice extreme damage popping up on your driveway, it is time to call a team of licensed, insured, and bonded paving professionals, like Atlanta Paving Pros. Give us a call for a free asphalt damage repair estimate.  


Milling is a technique used to help repair the core structures of your driveway. Pavement milling involves removing a portion of your driveway or asphalt and replacing it with a new piece of asphalt. The process is time-consuming but produces worthwhile results. 

When your commercial or residential driveway is in need of high-quality repairs, give the Atlanta Paving Pros a call. We are committed to giving you the best results possible for the most affordable rate. Contact us today for a free estimate.  

Driveway Resurfacing in Atlanta 

Resurfacing can be a dirty word for anyone who owns an asphalt driveway. However, if properly executed, it can provide a gorgeous finish that any homeowner or business owner would be proud to have.  


Our resurfacing services are performed by our highly trained paving experts in Atlanta. We use the best and latest techniques to ensure that all damage is repaired and that the cost of the service is as affordable as possible for you.  

Crack Patches 

The cracks in your driveway can lead to more serious issues. To repair those patches, simply give our team of top rated paving contractors a call to get your free estimate.  

When your driveway needs to be resurfaced in Atlanta, GA, we are the best team of paving experts to call. We specialize in premium quality asphalt and are proud to deliver our services to homeowners and business owners throughout the city. Contact us for your free quote.  

Driveway Sealcoating 


Driveway sealcoating is an important part of the repair part of our services. We understand that sealcoating can protect your driveway for years to come. Atlanta Paving Pros provides this service for private roadways.  


If your HOA requires driveway sealcoating, our trained paving contractors in Atlanta, GA can help.  

Parking Lots 

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When your parking lot is need of a professional sealcoating service, we are the crew to hire in Atlanta, GA. Turn to the experts for expert results.  

Repairing potholes, striping, repairing potholes and cracks, and of course sealcoating your asphalt is a core part of our service as a paving company. So give us a call today for premium driveway repairs and sealcoating services.

Atlanta Paving Pros specializes in both residential and commercial paving services throughout Atlanta, GA.